All Region Choir Concert

Singing into the New Year


Students that performed in the All Region Choir pause their busy to snap a picture.

Juliana Roller, Staff Writer

Every year students from across North Texas are chosen to be a part of the All-Region choir. Students recorded two pieces of music back in mid October and submitted it as their audition. Hundreds of people try out for this and only the top students are chosen to participate in it.

The rehearsal and performance took place at Trinity Christian Academy Performing Arts Center in Addison on January 7. Students met with directors and rehearsed their musical pieces from 8:30-11:30, had a two hour lunch break, then rehearsed again from 1:30-4:00. After all of their hard work, the choirs performed their pieces in front of an audience consisting of about 300 people.

This year, eight high school choir students took part in the All Region Choir. Seniors Jackie Greenwell, Luke Norrell, Katherine Luna, junior Charlie Stubbs, sophomores Sarah Mayberry and Madison Fitzgerald, and freshmen Courtney Martin and Sydney Wible all made it in.

There were two different choirs the students could be placed in: mixed choir, which had male and female students of all vocal ranges, and treble choir, which had only female students singing alto and soprano parts.

One hundred fifteen students were a part of the mixed choir and 50 were in the treble choir. Greenwell, Norrell, and Stubbs were chosen for the mixed choir, while Luna, Mayberry, Fitzgerald, Martin, and Wible were chosen for the treble choir. Mayberry commented, “It was a great experience, and I loved getting to see the variations of directing as well as the different choirs that were there performing with us.”

Getting to be part of something like the All-Region Choir is a great opportunity for the students to have a new experience and learn about the arts.