2017 Does Not Change a Thing

Find Motivation within Yourself


New Years resolution

Christopher Thomas, Campus Editor

The New Year is upon us and the world and social media is teeming with “New Year’s Resolutions.” The truth is that 2017 will be no different than 2016. The change in an arbitrary unit of measurement manifested by humans, otherwise known as time, will not change how our lives are lived. The mass majority of the American populace make resolutions but only about eight percent actually follow through with their resolution. The starting of a New Year will not change you one bit; however, there is something that can change you, and that is you. You have the power to change your life and help to broaden and reinforce your mental, spiritual, and physical health. We are not victims of time, we are the creators of it. We need to learn to seize the moment and to realize that the passing of time should not change us, we should change us. This year, take responsibility for your life. Make the change happen right now, do not let time cause you to change yourself, get motivated and actually change your life for the better. The change of time should not be a motivation for you to change your life, you need to find motivation within yourself and maintain your motivation. 2017 will not change you nor your life, you will change you and your life. This article was not created to tell everyone who has made New Year’s Resolutions or has pre-motivated themselves are wrong rather we need to drop this ideology of 2017 miraculously changing and altering our lives for the better. We have personified 2017 as almost a human that will come into our life, helping us out with our daily lives and making them these amazing, picturesque lives. The truth be told, the only human that can dramatically change your life is you.