New Year New Students

The Newest Members to the MCA Family


“I like playing with legos and making new friends,” Pierson said when asked his favorite part about MCA.

Juliana Roller, Staff Writer

As the second semester at MCA rolls around, many new students in Lower, Middle, and Upper School are enrolled and join the MCA student body. The new students were greeted on their first day with warm smiles and encouraging words from both the returning students and the teachers.

There are four new students in the Lower School, six in the Middle School, and four in the Upper School. Adding up to a total of 14 new students. Some have come from schools around the area, while others have moved here from out of state. No matter where they came from, the students and faculty show the newcomers kindness and help create a comfortable environment for them.

These students are starting to find their special place at McKinney Christian Academy and God has a different plan for each and every one of them.

“I learn stuff about the Bible that helps bring everyone together.” -Hannah Doshier (3rd)
“The playground is awesome and I have made new friends.” -Bodee Ruiz (3rd)
“Everyone here is so nice.” -Kelli Dowell (5th)
“I like the people at MCA and how welcoming they are.” -Birdie Martin (6th)
“I like the teachers at MCA.” -JD Keck (6th)
“I like MCA because of the welcoming environment.” -Blake Barnes (8th)
“The people are welcoming here and teachers are super nice.” -Ava Grace Haggard (8th)
“I like the people and teachers here.” -Drew Dobbs (6th)
“Everyone here is so nice and there’s a friendly environment here.” -Gabby Reed (8th)
“My favorite thing about MCA is the hospitality that everyone has shown.” -Dylan Dobbs (9th)
“Everybody at MCA is really nice.” -Amber Thille (9th)
“The environment at MCA is super safe and friendly.” -Kristen Daniels