Varsity Boys Basketball vs. Shelton

Mustangs Win 60-41


Mustangs prepare for a tip off in their game against Shelton.

Katherine Hines, staff writer

Tuesday, January 10, the Varsity boys had a home game against Shelton. Reagan Matthews, Senior, stated from the game, “The game started out rough then we improved in the second quarter. It was a good team win and the first of our many district wins of the season.” Cary Bartoo was proud of the win as well. “We won 60-41. We kept it a close game all the way thru 3rd qtr, but in the 4th we found our mojo and put it on them. Very good performance after last weeks nightmare of 0-2.” The boys seemed to have had a great defense throughout the game and had good communication skills that helped them be able to work together to score points. Throughout the season all the boys have been working hard to improve. Will Baxter, Sophomore, said “Things started slow but I feel like we’re getting better everyday. The chemistry between everyone seems to be at an all time high and we feel good about the second half of district. It’s been a great experience and we hope to improve on having perfect effort and playing to the ability we know we’re capable of.”