Donald Trump is the 45th President

January 20th goes down in History as President Trump is Inaugurated


Photo by: Yahoo News Canada

President Trump is officially sworn into office.

Christopher Thomas, Campus Editor

On Friday, January 20th, Donald Trump was officially sworn in as President of the United States. With this, protests and riots persist while others leap for joy as their preferred candidate is now officially President. As our Country goes on with these next couple of months, we need to grow in maturity as a Nation and as a People. Those who protest and say that “Trump is not our President” need to realize that he is very much their president. If you live in the United States and are a certified citizen, Trump is very much our President as the sky is blue. There is no changing that but there is one thing we can change, the direction that our Country is heading in. Trump has two options with our Country: make it or break it. But the final say is not completely his, there is a reason why our Declaration of Independence starts with “We the People,” that is because we the people have the power and influence to change our Country. It was a group of like-minded individuals that decided to separate from the tyrannical British rule. It was a group of like-minded individuals that decided slavery was not what our Nation was founded upon. It was a group of like-minded individuals that helped those that were devastated by the terror attacks of 9/11. And it is going to be a group of like-minded individuals that will help our Country for the better. One thing that history shows about Americans and their heart is that we can change history. When Americans unite, we change, shape, and alter history. So, realize that if you are grieving due to the new President, the People have the final say in this country. But those who are excited about the new President, realize that you can help change the minds and hearts of those around you by your words and actions. In the end, every American needs to realize that you need to respect his position of authority as our Commander-in-Chief and as our President.