Wild Week Friday Pep Rally

Friday’s Pep Rally finalizes the Wild Week for MCA Upper School students.

Wild Week Pep Rally from tara ackmann on Vimeo.

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Joshua Mains


Photo by: Laura Smith

All School Pep rally kicks off Friday morning for Wild Week.

Juliana Roller, staff writer

Wild Week came to an end with the all school pep rally on Friday, Jan 20. Lead by cheer captain, junior McKinley Tyler, the whole school got to see the Lil Mustang Cheerleaders perform alongside the Middle and Upper School cheer squads. After their routine, all the winter sports teams went onto the gym floor to participate in a relay race the cheer team had put together. Some of the coaches formed their own team and participated in the race as well.

The captains of each team would balance an egg on a spoon and walk across the gym and back. After that they would walk with a balloon suspended between their backs across the gym and back, and then they’d pop it. Everyone on the team would then hold hands in a line and try to get through a hula hoop. The coaches team finished first, winning the competition.

After the relay was over, Pastor Trey closed in prayer and everyone went back to their classes.