Wild Week Thursday

Team Up Thursday


Freshmen Shelby Jenkins, Aby Beck, and Madeline Bohlman rock their 80’s costumes. Mrs. Locke’s and Mr. Snow’s small groups teamed up, all dressing like they were from the 80’s.

Juliana Roller, Staff Writer

Juniors Clara O’Neil, Kjerstyn Franzmeier, and Mary Hana Spencer dressed up as pizza, a hot dog, and a pickle. The girls in Mrs. Tucker’s small group and the boys in Mr. Key’s dressed up as different types of food.
Sophomore boys Jack Windsor, Nate Albers, and Kade Stephens dressed up like they had just stepped out of the 80’s as well.
Sporting their headband of cotton balls, sophomores Kate Witte and Ella Sickles dressed up as Dr. Bah’s sheep.
Freshmen girls Joy Chiang and Ashley Davis dressed up as deer for Mrs. Sickles’ small group. Their brother group, Coach Butler’s group, dressed up as hunters.
Dressed in a tutu and bright colored clothes, sophomore Bekah Gross and the rest of Mrs. O’Neal’s small group came as clowns on Thursday.