Construction Updates

MCA Construction is Progressing at a Great Pace!


Photo by: Michael McIntyre

The skilled Joeris Construction crew laying groundwork at the far northwest side of the construction site as of January 31, 2017.

Christopher Thomas, Campus Editor

As of February 3, the McKinney Christian Academy Construction is fully underway and we are becoming closer and closer to the finished goal of a new Upper School campus. With this in mind, concrete has been laid in multiple areas and the construction crews are working at great speed in order to get it to be finished by the set goal. Daily, one can see the large machinery and the skilled workers setting and laying the foundation of our new school building. Headmaster, Bob Lovelady, commented on the construction saying, ” There is an energy, that is provided when you build and expand and we are beginning to experience that excitement and anticipation.” As well, Joeris Construction has outlined a calendar of construction and they expect the buildings to be done and to be ready for occupancy by mid-July. Lovelady further commented saying that Joeris’ pace is going to where that will happen, and they are currently working on the much needed classroom space that is needed for the school to grow. The school is┬átruly lucky with these new buildings and it is an exciting addition to our school.

Photo by: Michael McIntyre
Workers are laying down the groundwork for the new building.


Photo by: Michael McIntyre
Most recent photograph of the construction as of January 31, 2017.