Opposite Day

Pre-K Celebrates Opposite Day

Opposite Day

Photo by: Lisa Squiric

Pre-K students wore their shirts and uniforms backward for opposite day.

Kjerstyn Franzmeier, Staff Writer

On February 1, the McKinney Christian Pre-K students celebrated Opposite Day. The students learn their opposites in an attempt to learn concepts that are applicable in math, science, and reading. Opposite day is used as a fun way to promote critical thinking and helps students learn opposites in an applicable way. On this day, students are allowed to wear uniforms opposite of the normal. For example, students may wear their shirts backward or their shoes on opposite feet. Throughout the day they sing their goodbye song at the beginning of the day and do the morning meeting at the end of the day, eat their lunch outside instead of inside, eat dessert before their meals, and participate in small activities and games focusing on opposites. Pre-K has been learning about opposites for months and this day is a fun way to finally use what they have been practicing. Lisa Squiric, Pre-K teacher, said, “We began really discussing opposites when we returned from our Christmas Break. This week was our Letter “O” week so we celebrated opposite day as we were learning letter “O” and we will continue talking, reading, thinking and singing about opposites throughout the remainder of the year.”