Hands On Paella Cooking Class

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Paella Spanish Salad

Paella foods that you can learn how to make by attending the Paella Cooking Class

Kristen Daniels, Staff Writer

If you are tired of eating leftover Valentine’s Day candy and you want to try something new and exciting, the Hands On Paella cooking class has a great solution for you and your family. Local McKinney businesses offer many opportunities for you to try new things and at the same time, become more involved in the community. A great way for you to participate is by attending the exciting cooking classes held multiple times each month. Each class gives you the chance to bring a new flavor and an interesting food style into your home. The next upcoming cooking class will take place on February 16th at Kitchenwares on the Square. Attending the Hands On Paella cooking class will give you the chance to learn to cook many new, interesting foods that your family is sure to love.  One of the cool things you will learn is the proper way to make traditional seafood paella foods. The class will be instructed by Chef John Lozano from 6:30 to 8:30pm. The cost to attend is $69 per person. Don’t miss this and other great opportunities to tempt your family’s palate with some exciting new cooking skills.