Preparing for Playoffs

Hard Work Pays Off


Photo by: Laura Smith

Varsity Basketball girls encourage each other during the game against HSAA.

Mary Hana Spencer, Forum Editor

McKinney Christian Academy’s Varsity Girls Basketball team is on the road to playoffs. The team has concluded their district play and has begun to practice even more intensely in preparation for playoffs. Between practices, coaches Lee Brock and Dan Collins lined up practice games for the ladies. On Tuesday, February 7, the ladies invited the HSAA Angels to their court for a warm-up game before playoffs. The Mustangs were able to see what needed improvement as they lost to the Angels 47-69. However, the game was a valuable learning experience. On Saturday, February 11, the Mustangs were able to defeat the Denton Calvary Lions 60-31. Senior, Lexi Vance said, “I am glad we are able to schedule these warm-up games for playoffs. I think Marissa Wilks had an incredible game. I am so proud of my team and how far we have come this season.” The Lady Mustangs are excited for their promising future in playoffs. Be sure to support those Mustangs.