Online Auction Success

A Record Online Auction


Photo by: MCA Graphic Design Studio

The Online Auction was a huge success!

Christopher Thomas, Campus Editor

The annual MCA Online Auction has recently ended, and it was a big success! It was considered a larger turnout than the previous auctions as over $25,000 was sold. What was up for the grabs was a trip to Cabo and Costa Rica. These were the two large trips that were bidded on. Not only did those trips sell for lots of money, the next biggest seller was the parking spots in which one parking spot sold for $3,000. Lower School classroom families contributed to the auction by creating baskets that were placed on the auction in order to support the school even more. Some baskets included “Principal of the Day” or “Student of the Day” in which the winning bidders student would be placed as the “Principal” or the “Student of the Day.” The best part about the online auction is that it costs McKinney Christian almost nothing to host and all the proceeds go back to the classrooms across the school, fine arts departments, and athletics. It is a fun and creative fundraising event that is great for MCA as we grow and develop our school. A big thanks goes out to everyone who participated, put together the baskets, and even put their homes for getaway retreats in the auction as well as those who bid. If you missed the auction this year, make sure you catch it next year. You can bet it will be even better than last time!