Cast List Released for the Spring Play

The People You Will Be Seeing in “Cheaper By the Dozen”

Juliana Roller, staff writer

Drama teacher Julie Tucker has chosen this year’s spring play to be “Cheaper By the Dozen”. The actors in the drama class went through a 1 and 1/2 week audition process. Tucker stated, “You all performed so well; casting this play has not been easy.” Here is the cast so far:

Mr. Gilbreth– Isaac Selz

Isaac Selz

Mrs. Gilbreth– Lauren Shackelford

Lauren Shackelford

Understudy– Juliana Roller

Juliana Roller

Anne Gilbreth– Scout Mayberry

Scout Mayberry

Understudy– Emma Bryant

Emma Bryant

Lillian Gilbreth– Meg Boone

Meg Boone

Understudy– Katherine Hines

Katherine Hines

Ernestine Gilbreth– Maddie Grace Gwynn

Maddie Grace Gwynn

Understudy– Lyza Magana

Lyza Magana

Frank Gilbreth– Garrett Kramer

Garrett Kramer


Dan Gilbreth and Understudy for Frank Gilbreth– Jer Gross

Jeremiah Gross

Understudy– Ryan Clink

Ryan Clink

Fred Gilbreth– Brody Simpson

Brody Simpson


Mrs. Fitzgerald– Shelby Jenkins

Shelby Jenkins

Understudy- Parker Wofford

Parker Wofford

Miss Brill– Abigail Gordon

Abigail Gordon

Understudy– Jasmine Holmes

Jasmine Holmes

Martha Gilbreth– Laney Barrett

Laney Barrett

Understudy– Lydia Gilbert

Lydia Gilbert

Dr. Burton– Selcon Zhang

Selcon Zhang


Joe Scales– Seth Pugh

Seth Pugh


Larry– Ryan Kenemer

Ryan Kenemer


Bill Gilbreth– Addison Hydock

Addison Hydock


Jack Gilbreth– Conner Hastcoat

Understudy– Brody Simpson