Spring into Spring

Spring Essentials!

Seagrass Tote

Seagrass Tote

Isabella Brock, Staff Writer

Everything about this patterns is so lovely and classic. The gingham print is a staple spring pattern and is making it’s way back around this year. This number comes in an array of colors and the modest cut is a personal favorite of mine. This dress will add to any closet this season.

I have my staple pair of nice sunglasses that are my go-tos. A simple pair of small lense, gold, aviators. However, when the sun starts to shine a little brighter every year, I love to throw a couple other pairs of sunglasses into the rotation. Cheap, funky shades are a staple during the warmer months of the year, and this season is the perfect time to stock up. This pair is adorable and the neutral colors go with any outfits.

A tote is quintessential for this time of year. One needs a cute bag that hold all of the pool/beach day essentials. A neutral colored tote will match perfect with any spring outfit you can dream up and will transition perfectly into the summer months

Off-The-shoulder has been around for quite a while, and with the looks of it, does not seem to be going away anytime soon. A classic off-the-shoulder top is essential for the upcoming months and will add to any outfit. Off-the-shoulder dresses are casual enough to wear with sandals and dressy enough to pair with heels and wear out to dinner!