Freshmen Missions Week

Serving our Own to a Worldview Outlook


Photo by: Adrian Hydock

A group of freshman smile at the end of countless long presentations.

Meg Boone and Shelby Jenkins

While MCA seniors, juniors, and sophomores were serving the Lord in other cities, states, and countries, the freshmen got a chance to serve at MCA, helping with their school and community. The whole idea of missions week is to teach others about the Gospel. Whether it’s in Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Arkansas, or at school, MCA students were able to reach out to people of all ages.
The freshmen’s main goal of the week was to teach the lower school about countries in need of Christianity. The week before the big week, student leaders were chosen to lead their groups throughout the week. The leaders were the following students: Shelby Jenkins, Hannah Grubbs, Anson DeLatte, Meg Boone, Sam Harrell, Harrison Bailey, and Matthew Smith. Each leader was given a group of freshmen and a country to focus on during missions week.

Monday and Tuesday, Freshmen came into school. They researched their countries, and each group decorated a room. Children from Pre-k to fifth grade rotated through the rooms and learned about countries and why they need missionaries. Freshman, Maddie Grace Gwynn, says, “Missions week was so fun. Our group worked together to decorate our room and prepare our presentation. It was so cool seeing the final product and how the kids reacted as we interacted with them!” Gwynns team/country of China ended up receiving first place in the contest.

After two long days working with kids, the freshmen got to travel to Carrollton, TX to Group Dynamics. The Freshmen and some teachers participated in leadership and teamwork skills, glow in the dark dodge ball, and high ropes. Freshman, Aby Beck, adds, “I enjoyed the fun environment of Group Dynamics, and how everyone was almost always laughing. We bonded in different activities that I would have never done anywhere else, and we created great memories.” After, the students were taken to get a nice treat, food, and then back to school.

The next day, the freshmen were divided back up into their countries/teams to compete in various sports for a prize of lunch of their choice. To kick off the day, they participated in a flag football tournament, ending with team Brazil taking the first place prize. Freshman, Ford Dossey, stated, “It was a very exciting and competitive day and I was glad to be a part of it.” Following the tournament, the students headed inside for a lunch break, followed by free time in the gym, including several basketball games and volleyball matches. The freshmen spent hours competing and making fun memories, although they were exhausted by the end of the day

The final day at school, MCA Freshmen served families and children at school by helping out at Kite Day. Lower school came out with kites and freshmen sprung to action helping the kids get their kites going. Freshman, Lee Leps, said, “I really enjoyed helping with the kids on kite day during our missions week while spending time with my friends.” During the student’s time outside, they all enjoyed snow cones from the truck that comes for the special day every year, and serving their schoolmates in an enjoyable way. The week was successful and the freshmen enjoyed serving their schoolmates in several fun ways, and serving the Lord with their joyful attitudes and determination.


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