Sophomore College Trip

Thirteen Schools in Five Days


Photo by: Kate Perry

Before going to eat lunch, the sophomore class finishes up their tour at their first stop, Hardin Simmons University.

Juliana Roller, staff writer

Every year during Missions Week the sophomore class takes the week to go around the state of Texas and Oklahoma touring different colleges and universities to see what they are like. This gives students an opportunity to see what they like about certain colleges and what they don’t like. The trip is five days long, and the students visit 13 colleges, traveling all across Texas and Oklahoma.

The students traveled by bus to Hardin Simmons University, Abilene Christian University, Concordia University, University of Texas, Texas A&M University, Baylor University, Southwestern Assembly of God University, Dallas Baptist University, University of North Texas, University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma Baptist University, and Austin College.

In addition to learning about the various colleges and what they had to offer, students spent a lot of time hanging with friends as they traveled by bus from place to place, spent the night in hotels, and nighttime activities.

Students were able to experience a bit of college student life, eating in the college cafeterias, participating in some campus traditions like Baylor’s “tortilla tossing” from the bridge in Waco, greeting others with a “Howdy” at Texas A&M, and showing school spirit with the various colleges’ hand symbols.

To add to the experience, students went to the college baseball game at Texas A&M and two college Christian ministry worship nights — Breakaway, held in Reed Arena at Texas A&M and the Baptist Collegiate Ministry’s Encounter at Oklahoma State University. They spent Monday night at Main Event and Wednesday evening at Dallas Baptist University for time to hang out and enjoy time with friends. Thursday night was spent with free time at the OSU intramural fields playing sand volleyball, ultimate frisbee, soccer, and other games. Sophomore Trey Faulkner said, “My personal favorite was OSU because of how awesome the campus buildings and layout looked. I also liked how there seemed to be a small community feeling in and around the school.”

Visiting colleges with various majors offered, student populations, costs, student activities, and campuses was a great way for students to see and experience what they enjoyed about colleges. Now when picking a college, the students can narrow their choices down based on the things they have to offer that they like.

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