Fun at the Perot Museum

Fourth Grade Field Trip


Photo by: Laurie Shackelford

4th grade girls pause for a picture while on a field trip at the Perot Museum.

Madison Yates, Staff Writer

On March 23, the fourth grade class took a trip to the Perot Museum. The students had the opportunity to go through the exhibits that the museum offers. A couple of the favorites of the 4th grade students were the sports hall and the earth hall. The students also participated in a lab program called “Catapult Science.” This program puts the “scientific method into motion.” In the program, the 4th grade class explored force, motion, and energy by using catapults simulating the three classes of levers. The students followed the steps of the scientific method to make a hypothesis, conduct an experiment, collect data, and draw conclusions to determine which class of levers launched a ball the farthest. They worked in groups to test their hypothesis using a catapult and finished with a conclusion that class 1 levers sent the object the greatest distance. The students also had a picnic lunch at the museum frog garden and were able to play in the water.