Eighth Grade Field Trip

The eighth grade field trip was a time of firsts, new experiences, and a it was a journey that won’t be forgotten.


Photo by: Sharon Boese

A large handful or Middle Schoolers pose in front of a canyon.

Sam Harrell, Staff Writer

Although MCA always hosts the annual eighth grade field trip it is the first year to ever be hosted in the Davis Mountains. Although most said they loved the trip and that it was amazing, there was a price to pay that came in the eight hour bus ride. But a new experience leads to new journeys and the MCA eighth graders encountered many new journeys along this trip. From leaving early from school on Tuesday their long journey had begun. Along the road they stopped at the Caverns of Sonora which was said by many to be a breathtaking sight. And later on in the day they swung by McDonald’s Observatory and used a bunch of different telescopes to look at the stars. Deuce Spencer said, “We saw Jupiter and four of its moon and it’s a sight that I won’t forget.” Early the next morning the guys paid a visit to a hot spring which was considered the best part by many. During the guys time at the hot springs, the girls spent a little more time at the observatory and later on the girls and guys switched. Later that night the guys and girls ate a dinner called a “hobo pack” and they put meat and vegetables in tinfoil and cooked it over the fire. With full stomachs they went to bed, woke up, and then they were off on their long journey home. Nate Gwynn said, “It was a cool experience with a handful of fun activities and I won’t ever forget that trip.” Although they didn’t get to stop at McDonalds Observatory again this time, on the way back they did grab a bite at the other McDonalds and this wrapped up the trip.

Photo by: courtesy photo
MCA chaperones stop and pose for a photo.
Photo by: Sharon Boese
Asa Miller poses for a breathtaking photo while pretending to hold up an eagle.


Photo by: Sharon Boese
An amazing photo captures a stunning view at the Caverns of Sonora.