I DONUT Know How This is So Great

Hurts Donuts Review

I DONUT Know How This is So Great

Meg Boone, Staff Writer

Hurts donuts, located in Frisco, has some of the best donuts I have ever tasted . Hurts is open 24/7, and usually has lines out the door, but me and my friends went at 10:30 pm, when there was no line and fresh donuts. What’s better than a late night snack?  Shelby Jenkins, Maddie Grace Gwynn, Anson DeLatte, Madeline Bohlman, and I tested a few flavors.

  • Snickers
    • Chocolate
    • Lots of sugar
  • Cookie Monster
    • A plain donut with blue vanilla icing and oreos
    • Super SWEET
  • Jesus
    • Rich
    • Cinnamon Sugar Taste
    • Soft
    • Thick
  • Cotton Candy
    • SWEET
    • Real cotton candy center
    • Overwhelmingly sugary
  • S’mores
    • Real toasty marshmallow
  • Birthday Cake
    • An original sprinkle donut
  • M&M
    • Hard Crispy Chocolate Cover
    • Mini M&M’s
  • Fruit Loop
    • Plain donut with vanilla icing and fruit loops.


Overall review: IT WAS AMAZING. If you’re looking for your new favorite donut, we’ve found it. If you go during daytime hours lines can be extremely long so plan it out ahead of time.