Guest Speaker: Derek Baker

City Councilmen candidate, Derek Baker, came to speak to the senior class


Photo by: Jamie Orozco

Derek Baker & MCA’s senior class

Isabella Brock, Staff Writer

MCA Seniors welcomed Derek Baker to class last Tuesday.  He encouraged the students to get involved and to vote in city politics where decisions best impact daily life.  Having written to a congressional representative in 10th grade, Baker shared ways the students could get involved in local and national politics. He explained to the students the key points of running an election and ways that they could get involved in a local, state, and national level. He taught the students, that it is easy to get involved, as they are always looking for volunteers. His experience in politics working in D.C. with members of Congress such as Mike Pence shed new light on our understanding of how government works in practice.  The class is thankful for the insights he provided and the time he took to share with MCA.