Separation of Church & State

President Trump’s New Bill


President Trump signs a bill with Vice President Pence and Secretary of Defence Mattis looking on.

Christopher Thomas, Campus Editor

President Donald Trump is upholding many of his campaign promises, and this past week was no different. President Trump passed a religious bill under the executive order which will ease a ban on political endorsements by churches and religious groups. It also loosens a provision of the tax code which prohibits religious organizations. His overall goal with this was to truly embrace the religious freedom ideology that was interwoven into our government. President Trump told an audience during a press conference covering the new bill, stating,

“We will not allow people of faith to be targeted, bullied or silenced ever again.”

However, it has met stiff opposition from the LGBT group and other human-rights groups.

But what should we, as a Christian body, think about him attempting to promote further religious freedom? Well, I personally think it is great. I would not care what President passed bill, I personally have no true opinion on Trump (I neither like him nor hate him), all I know is that signs of the end times are religious strife and persecution. We have Christian brothers and sisters being persecuted right now, right as I am writing this article and as you are reading it, in the Middle East, Asia, and even here in America. The persecution may not be to the extent as it is in other areas, but it is still happening. Anything that can promote the religious freedom and standard within America is a law that helps us. It demotes government intervention and promotes the separation of church and state.