A Night Of Fun

The Spring Formal Dance was “A Night Of Fun” and it was a dance that won’t be easily forgotten.


Photo by: Courtesy Photo

A group of well dressed seventh graders pose for a stunning photo.

Sam Harrell, Staff Writer

This last Saturday, MCA hosted the Middle School Spring Formal Dance under the theme, “A Night of Fun.” The dance was hosted at the Stonebridge Country Club and it was a dance exclusively for the seventh and eighth graders. The dance was amazingly coordinated and featured great music, tasty dessert, a photo-booth, and lots of fun. Most of the people attending the dance started out with grabbing a bite to eat with friends and then arriving at the dance to bust out their best moves. Eighth grader, Nathan Gwynn, said “It was by far the best Middle School dance we’ve ever had!” Everyone that attended the dance seemed to have had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The Spring Formal Dance was also a good way to ease into the great time of Summer and for the eighth graders it was a great way to end Middle School.

Photo by: Courtesy Photo
A group of well-dressed eighth graders pose for a photo.