Ghostly Snacks for October

Baking with Boone

Meg Boone , Staff Writer

Peanut Butter Ghost-

  • Nutter Butter cookies
  • white chocolate
  • mini semi- sweet chocolate chips

First lay out wax paper on a flat surface. Melt white chocolate in a glass bowl in the microwave taking out every 30 seconds to stir. When melted lay on the wax paper. Make two chocolate chip eyes and one chocolate chip for the mouth. Leave to dry.

Jack-o-lantern Strawberries-

  • Fresh strawberries
  • white chocolate
  • mini chocolate chips
  • red and yellow food coloring, or orange food coloring

Lay out wax paper and repeat the steps for melting chocolate. Add red and yellow food coloring into white chocolate until orange. Rinse strawberries and dry them completely, otherwise the chocolate will slide off. Hold the strawberry by the top and dip in the chocolate. Set on wax paper and add the mini chocolate chips to make a face. Leave to dry.

Candy Corn Pretzels-

  • Large pretzel sticks
  • white chocolate
  • red and yellow food coloring

Lay out wax paper. Take three separate containers and fill them with white chocolate and melt. Add red and yellow coloring to one container to make orange, add yellow to another to make yellow and leave one white. Dip the pretzel 3/4 way into the orange and set to dry. When dry dip 2/4 of the pretzel in the yellow and set to dry. And finally 1/4 of the pretzel into the white and leave to dry.