June and Day have many differences but have a common end result.


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Thrilling book that has you hooked from page one.

Taylor Robison, Staff Writer

“Legend” will definitely be a book you can’t set down once you’ve picked it up. It grabs your attention from page one. I have not talked to one person who has disliked this book. There are so many twist and turns. The reader feels like they are at the scene in Denver with the characters Day and June.  We get see both of their perspectives since every alternating chapter the character switches between Day and June. I typically hate it when books do this. I find it harder to follow. However in this novel it works and the author does a really good job with it.   This fantastic book is a part of a series that includes two more books “Prodigy” and “Champion”. I would say that this book falls in the category of  suspense and adventure. If you like the “Hunger Games”, The “Maze Runner”, or “Divergent” chances are would love this book as well.

Day and June are two unlikely friends that meet after June’s brother has been supposedly killed by Day. June was born into a rich ruby sector while Day was brought up in a poor forgotten sector, polar opposites. June was raised by her brother and is devastated to receive the news of his death. She was always a troublemaker and outsmarted everyone. She was granted to go to a very intelligent school at a young age. June had a promising future ahead of her but life got in the way for better or for worse. Day on the other hand was on the streets caring for his family. Poor sectors are given a bad rep all because they don’t have a lot of money. Nobody seems to care about them or their health. A series of viruses spread across the poor sectors but conveniently never reach the rich sectors. June begins to uncover the truth about her home and the people she trusted. When the two meet together they set out on an adventure to take down or at least restore the republic. However with two different  opinions things aren’t always so easy. June feels a need to protect the republic even though she knows it’s poisonous. Day sees things differently and always thinks of the people left in the poor sector as forgotten. Although they have many differences they both have one common goal… to take down the republic.

Like every good book, I was torn when I finished the series. I was so happy that I finally finished but at the same time I just wanted to keep reading. When I first started reading this book I had just got a concussion about three weeks earlier. It made it a little harder to read but I still couldn’t put it down even when it was bothering me. I loved the ending of the story it was totally unexpected. I really hope that they make a movie based on this book soon. Overall, it was a great read and the author did a great job at putting the reader in the character’s shoes.