Senior Spotlight

Ashley Proctor and Christopher Thomas


Photo by: Mary Hana Spencer

Ashley Proctor and Christopher Thomas, both featured in this week’s Senior Spotlight, pose for a picture before attending their Sophomore Prom.

Mary Hana Spencer, Forum Editor

This week’s Senior Spotlight features Ashley Proctor and Christopher Thomas.

Ashley Proctor came to MCA in the sixth grade. Over the years she has participated in many activities, like Varsity Soccer and NHS, but she just recently found her passion. Proctor has always been a cowgirl at heart, but let her love for cows go public just before her Junior year. She has been showing heifers for a little over two years now. Not only has she found something she loves, she has found something she is really good at. She shows her heifers all around Texas, including the State Fair of Texas.  Not only is she good at showing heifers, Proctor is also a good friend. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family. Although she is not sure what school she wants to attend, she does know she wants to study nursing.

Christopher Thomas started at MCA in Kindergarten. Over the course of his high school career, Thomas has participated in Student Government and National Honor Society. In both organizations, he holds leadership titles, in Student Government he is Speaker of the House and is the President of National Honor Society. However, he earned a great deal of fame because he leads our school in prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance each morning. He has a deep passion for this country, and will most likely go on to serve this great country. He enjoys spending time with his friends and family. He loves the outdoors, and loves to hunt. He hopes to attend Texas A&M University to study Wildlife and Fisheries.