The Last Jedi Trailer

A new Star Wars trailer was released October 9- and people are getting excited.


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The classic Star Wars logo was changed to red for The Last Jedi

Mitchell Tyler, Staff Writer

On October 9, another look into the next Star Wars movie was released. The next movie will be called The Last Jedi, and it will be the eighth installment in the series. Whereas the previous trailer was a teaser into what we all expected- limited shots of Rey’s training and some ships flying around- it was just enough to excite fans. There was no substantial information about the actual story, just fuel to burn the fire of fandom.

In the most recent trailer, however, we see much more into the storyline.

We get what we want to see-Luke Skywalker trains Rey on the island where he lives. This is nothing new, the previously released trailer featured many of the same video. Although we get to see Rey swinging the lightsaber around (which is really cool) we also get a glimpse into the actual training process. Rey is shown using the Force and emerging from some sort of water. The first shock is the line we hear from Luke, that Rey’s power scares him.

Later we see Kylo Ren going crazy and screaming like he did for about half of The Force Awakens. He has some sort of carbon-fiber thing covering the scar Rey gave him, which is pretty cool.

The biggest and most confusing of moments in the entire trailer is when Rey, looking desperate, says “I need someone to show me my place in all this.” Then she appears to shake hands with Kylo Ren.


A few snippets in the trailer include:

A new, never before seen planet that will be part of the story is shown.

Chewbacca has a new sidekick, and it’s a little weird bug-eyed, bird looking thing.

Finn battles Captain Phasma with a lightsaber-esque sword looking thing.

It looks like we’ll see a lot more battles taking place above planets, in space.


The trailer is below. Decide for yourself what to think about it.