Repeat at the State Meet

Boys and Girls Cross Country Bring Home the Silver and Bronze.


Photo by: Courtesy Photo

The Boys and Girls proudly hold up their 2nd and 3rd place plaques.

Marco Cueva and Kara Vita, Staff Writers

The boys and girls team departed for Waco on Sunday and arrived later that afternoon. The first order of business was to jog the course and note any significant features and mark the mile splits. The course was one of the nicest they ever run on. Junior Varsity runner, Juliana Roller commented on the course, “Out of all my years running cross country, this was my favorite course by far. It was on a golf course so the grass was short and easy to run on. It was a little hilly but for the most part it was good.” After eating a healthy pre-race meal, the team went to their hotel to get ready for the morning.

The Boy’s Varsity Cross Country team placed second. For the seniors on the team this was their last race. Marco Cueva, 12, said, “I was the most nervous that I have ever been for a meet. This was my last cross country meet and I knew that I would leave it all on the course. I ran the race and did just that. I ran as fast as my legs could take me and did it all for God.” Junior Riley Pyle placed 11th, Senior Able Kusaloka, placed 12th, Senior Marco Cueva, placed 17th, Freshman Maliq Brock, placed 18th, Sophomore Jason Cross, placed 25th, Junior Mason Lee placed 28th and Freshman Peter Michael Clark, placed 28th.

The Lady Mustangs Cross Country team entered this year’s race with high hopes of placing in the top three. Countless early morning workouts and gruesome afternoon practices have taught them to “…get comfortable being uncomfortable, ” a phrase that Coach Jamison has ingrained into their minds. The girls race was set for 9:40 a.m. They did their pre-race warm up and lined up at the start. The gun went off and they began their run. Sophomore Brooke Fillebrown lead the Mustang pack with Juniors Elyse Mead and Juliana Roller falling not far behind. Top five places for the team were Freshman, Abigail Moore in 25th, Juniors, Kara Vita in 20th, Elyse Mead in 18th, Juliana in 16th and Brooke Fillebrown in 10th place. Fillebrown was able to fight her way to the top ten and secure a tenth place spot. All Lady Mustangs gave their all and left everything they had on the course earning them a 3rd place title.