Throw Back to the Colonial Days

Middle School Community Service Day.


Photo by: Sharon Boese

Eighth grade boys and seventh grade girls volunteering in the schoolhouse pose in their costumes before beginning the day.

Juliana Roller, Campus Editor

On Friday, November 10, a group of middle school students journeyed to the local Chestnut Square in Downtown McKinney to volunteer their time. Upon arrival, they were each given a costume that replicated the way people dressed in the colonial days.

The seventh and eighth graders taught different lessons to the seconds graders from Finch Elementary. The middle school students each led a station around Chestnut Square, and groups of second graders would rotate through them. The MCA students led stations that taught the kids how the people in the colonial days lived: washing clothes by hand, using Morse code to communicate over long distances, and thinning cotton to make yarn. Eighth grader Marshall Stubbs commented, “I am so thankful that MCA gives me opportunities like this in middle school to help out in my community. I really enjoyed dedicating my time and energy to helping eight year olds learn more about the lifestyles in the 1600’s.”

Campbell Duease
Photo by: Sharon Boese
Waiting for her friends to get into their costumes, seventh grader Campbell Duease flashes a smile at the camera.
Trinton Nobles and Will Penney
Photo by: Sharon Boese
Eighth grade boys, Trinton Nobles and Will Penney, help lead a station outside.