Charlotte’s Web

Wilbur starts a new adventure at his new farm with new friends.

Cover of Charlottes Web.

Photo by: Courtesy Photo

Cover of Charlotte’s Web.

Taylor Robison, Staff Writer

Wilbur is Fern’s pet pig, they do everything together. Wilbur is her whole life. One day her father decides Wilbur was too old to be babied. So he took him out back with a plan to kill the pig for bacon. Fern was hot on his heels though and luckily saved Wilbur just in time. Her father compromised with her they chose to send him off to a farm down the road where Wilbur would be able to enjoy the other animals company and Fern’s every now and then.  Wilbur made plenty of new friends in no time. At first he’s happy and satisfied with his new life. However, after being at the farm for a little bit he learns some interesting news. He thought he was safe from being killed but he was wrong. He once again saw he’s being raised for meat. Luckily for him he meets a new friend, Charlotte. Charlotte is a small spider who agrees to help Wilbur. Together they formed an unbreakable bond. Charlotte is Wilbur’s new mentor and friend. Charlotte makes delicate, beautiful spider webs for Wilbur. The web always says something such as a terrific pig. In no time Wilbur becomes “famous” for “his” webs. Wilbur is in the newspaper front and center for about a week. No one wants to kill a famous pig right? Well apparently fame doesn’t last for ever and once the people lose interest Wilbur is back to square one. With a little more help from the farm and Fern Wilbur is able to save himself.

Charlotte’s Web is a wonderful story about the meaning and strength of friendship. This is a book that never gets old. I have read it five times. I don’t think you can ever out grow a good book like this one.