The Tale of Despereaux

A tiny mouse who has dreams bigger than himself.

A mouose fighting for something bigger than him.

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A mouose fighting for something bigger than him.

Taylor Robison, Staff Writer

Despereaux is a tiny mouse who is extremely different from the rest of the mice and his family. He dreams of something beyond his tiny mouse village. Despereaux would rather read a good book than eat the pages of one unlike many of those in his village. Oddly enough, he does not even hunt for his food. His family does not want to admit it but he definitely is an odd one out. Despereaux allows curiosity to get the best of him and he ends up wandering down to the castle. This is where he meets his destiny, though he did not realize it yet. He enters to find the king singing and playing guitar with his daughter. One day, Despereaux decides it would be a good idea to introduce himself to the princess who he admires very much. For some reason, he feels so calm when confronting the princess. In fact, he forgets mouse rule #1, which is the most in important rule, do not let humans see you. Of course, the princess’s first reaction is to get rid of the mouse but Despereaux gains the princess’ trust. Oddly enough throughout time they grow close and in this castle is where Despereaux can escape reality. Back home at the mouse village things are not going well. The mouse council sends Despereaux to a horrible fate, the dungeon. The dungeon is full of rats that eat mice and no mouse has survived. Yet, once again, when Despereaux is sent down he finds a way around the horrible fate. He meets Roscuro, a rat who just happens to be one of the only kind rats. It seems Roscuro is much like himself, an odd one out. Together they get out of the dungeon and find the castle. When Roscuro meets the princess she is disgusted and tries to get rid of the rat but luckily he escapes. The incident leaves Roscuro angry and he decides to plot and kill the princess. However, as you probably guessed it, Despereaux saves the day.

Despereaux is a great story for all readers. It is a lengthy novel but it grabs your attention and has you hooked from page one. The novel has a great message and an underlying theme. It is a classic novel that everyone is sure to love.