Grandparents and Great Friends Day

A Day of Music and Art.

Mac Grimes, Staff Writer

On November 17  at McKinney Christian Academy, the Lower School held an event for grandparents and great friends of the students. This annual event occurs the day before Thanksgiving Break. The grandparents and great friends are able to go to the Student Life Center to hear the students sing songs, along with browsing the artwork created by them. First grader Abby Wysong said this, “This is one of my favorite days because, it is such a fun day for the whole family to enjoy each other and because I love my grandparents.” After the students present their songs and artwork, the grandparents and great friends are able to go to their classrooms to see the environment that they have been learning in since August. At the end of the day, they are highly encouraged to go to the Econ fair which is put on by the senior students. This is an opportunity for the seniors to sell items to raise money towards their senior trip at the end of the school year. Overall, this day gives grandparents or great friends a wonderful opportunity to build their connection with each of their loved ones.