Neon Nights

Winter Formal!


Photo by: Dania Simpson

Sophomore Will Boese dazzles alongside his beautiful date Aby Beck.

Will Harrell, Staff Writer

MCA’s annual winter formal dance was held at the TPC country club this past weekend. The theme for this year’s dance was “Neon Nights.” Senior Mary Hana Spencer said, “I had a great time at the dance. The music was super fun and I had an awesome time dancing with my friends. It was nice having my last Winter Formal be the best one yet!” Spencer was not the only one who had a good time. Freshman Hayden Faulkner said, “My first high school dance did not disappoint. I had a lovely date and we had a great time. The music was awesome as was the venue.” Neon Nights seemed to be a hit with the student body and hopefully Prom will have the same outcome in April.

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