The 100th Day of School

The Lower School celebrates the 100th Day of School.


Photo by: Elizabeth Vanman

Mrs. Hamilton’s kindergarten class poses with Zero Hero as they count out their collection of 100 items that they brought.

Kara Vita, Staff Writer

The Lower School celebrated the 100th day of school this past Friday, February 2. They celebrate by doing fun activities and having snacks. In Kindergarten, they have “Zero Hero” who comes to visit and helps the kids count their collection of 100 things that they brought. They read 100 words, made 100 Day glasses, made a 100 Day snack, put together a Zero Hero count by 10’s puzzle, and made a picture of what they would eat if they could eat 100 of something. One of the kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Hamilton read “Mrs. Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day” and a couple other books. Kindergarten student, Mateo Buhr commented,” My favorite part of the 100th Day of School was getting the 100th day glasses that we got.” This milestone reminds the students that they don’t have many days left until summer.

Photo by: Elizabeth Vanman
Mateo Buhr, Kindergarten, and Zero Hero go through his collection of 100 things that he brought for the 100th Day of School.