The Witches

A Witch or a Mouse.

Book cover for The Witches

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Book cover for The Witches

Taylor Robison, Staff Writer

The Witches is a novel for children written by Roald Dahl. He starts the story by opening up with the narrator talking about Witches and what they are capable of. We then learn even more about these so called witches through the narrator’s grandmother. She tells us how they look and what they do to kids they get a hold of. Sure enough, that night our narrator has an encounter with one of these witches, luckily he is able to escape unharmed. He tells us that he has a feeling it won’t be the last time he comes face to face with a witch. He’s grandma decides they need to get away for awhile and she takes him to a beachfront hotel. While on this vacation the narrator somehow seems to find himself in the center of a annual witch meeting. He overhears them talking about their plan where they are going to turn every child in England into a mouse. Unfortunately, the witches find him and turn him into a mouse but, lucky for him he has an amazing grandmother who loves him anyway. Together they devise a plan to get revenge their plan is risky but worth it. The narrator steals some of the mouse-maker formula and then manages to pour it into the witches soup. In the end, he doesn’t mind his new life as a mouse. He and his grandma go on to try and turn every witch into a mouse.