TPSMEA Choral Assessment

The MCA High School Choir traveled down to Houston this past weekend to attend the TPSMEA Choral Assessment.


The MCA High School Choir gets ready to perform at the TPSMEA Choral Assessment.

Sam Harrell, Staff Writer

This past weekend the MCA Upper School Choir traveled down to Houston to attend their annual TPSMEA Choral Assessment. The MCA Choir worked hard to provide three pieces of music to the judges. The songs included a Hebrew piece, an acapella piece, and a spiritual about Joshua’s battle of Jericho. The judges scored all three musical pieces a “1” which is a perfect score. The MCA Choir also participated in musical sight reading, scoring a “2”. The MCA Choir is directed by Janine Locke, and her hard work in directing the choir was shown in the three perfect scores given in singing. Sophomore Meredith Pogue said,” We performed very well together as a choir, and we were able to blend well. We made a lot of progress throughout the last few months, and I am very proud of how we performed.”