A Quiet Place

Suspense Movie that will keep your on the edge of your seat.


Photo by: Matt Miller

A Quite Place directed by John Krasinski took off in theatres after released.

Sam Harrell, Staff Writer

A Quiet Place, recently released on April 6th, stunned viewers and expectations as movie goers were on the edge of their seat for the majority of this silent movie. This movie combines the qualities of terror and suspense to create a well rounded thriller. The movie scored an 8.1/10 on IMDb and it was given 95% on Rotten Tomatoes. David Sims, from The Atlantic, said “A Quiet Place is an undoubtedly taxing affair for the nerves; fortunately, it’s also a deeply affecting one.” The movie was directed by renowned actor, John Krasinski. Krasinski also starred alongside his wife, Emily Blunt, in the movie, adding to the emotional connection between the two characters. The movie surpassed it’s set budget in revenue in the first weekend alone. The estimated budget for the movie was 17,000,000 and in the opening weekend it brought in 50,203,562 dollars in the United States alone. If thrillers is what you are looking for, A Quiet Place is the movie to see as the summer quickly approaches.