Album Alert: “Can’t Wake Up”

Shakey Graves releases their new album.


Photo by: courtesy photo

Marco Cueva, staff writer

When we saw Alejandro Rose-Garcia, better known as Shakey Graves, tweet, “New album. New Sound. Sell your suspenders,” we knew we were in for a big change. This is an ambitious move on Garcia’s part because he hints at the evolution from his ticket to fame on his startup, his blues-folk-rock sound. Although he hints at total abandonment of his roots, they are pleasantly visible in his new album “Can’t Wake Up.” ” Aibohphobia” shows the strongest influence of his roots but you can see more of an musical evolution in other songs. “Counting Sheep,” “Mansion Door,” and “Kids These Days,” exhibit a sound similar to that of previous songs like “Family and Genus,” with a roots-rock sound. The overall sound offers a dreamy soundscape thanks to the layered, slightly out-of-sync vocals or the twangy, airy lapboard in the background of many of the songs. Overall, the album offers a sound unique to the Shakey Graves that we all knew. For some it may be an undesirable change and for others it may be a nice change. No matter how you look at it, there’s no debate that the ambition displayed in his new album is to be praised, whether you like his music or not.