Hamlet Soliloquy Parody

To Speak or not to speak…

Hamlet by William Shakespeare is one of the most famous plays of all time.

Photo by: Unknown

“Hamlet” by William Shakespeare is one of the most famous plays of all time.

Lizzie Weichel, Staff Writer

To speak or not to speak – that is the question

Whether tis admirable to stand up

And face the possible criticisms of others,

Or live deprived of sharing thoughts and

Inner turmoil with others.


To share, to provide the world-

All the more – and by speaking allowing people

The ability to understand

That each mind –

Each mind is capable

And has words worth sharing.


To stay silent, to ignore –

To ignore the possibility of changing the world.

The problem, lies therein a voice is suppressed

Or one avoids the opportunity for change

But one must understand.

To change a person for good,

Is the chance to receive disgust from another.


Why would one speak when knowing the fact

That everything they say

Is taken the wrong way, or disagreed with?

What happened to civil discourse;

When two could argue or debate

And thrive on the scholarship of others,

On the intellectual development

Or the passion to a single subject

Without attacking the person themself?


Can a person no longer hold political views or ideologies

And be celebrated?

The sadness lies within an argument

Where people become enemies

And cannot bear to think

That one might disagree,

Rather than conform to the low standards

Of common ideas of this day.


It is only reasonable once one examines the outcome,

To share the voice and ideas of their mind

Because no criticism or hate

Can ever outweigh the opportunity

To change the world

And return to civil discourse

For hate and dichotomy

Make enemies of us all.