Life of an Athletic Trainer

Athletic trainer Rhyann Perry spends her time caring for MCA athletes.


Photo by: Tara Ackmann

Athletic Trainer Rhyann Perry joins MCA as a full time staff member.

Ava Grace Haggard, staff writer

Behind every athlete is the athletic team: the teammates, the parents, the coaches, and the medical team there when the athlete falters. At MCA, our athletic trainer, Rhyann Perry, is in charge of making sure all our Mustangs are getting the proper treatment and care if and when they are injured. From 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., she is here ready to help our athletes.

At 11 a.m. every day, Perry arrives an hour before her fifth-period athletic training class. In an interview, Perry said, “After being hired full time Laura Smith came to me and asked about teaching a class.” This class allows students to become more familiar with athletic training as a profession. They will learn basic anatomy, how to tape injuries, use certain equipment, and what to do if a major injury is to happen during gameplay.

Fast forward to 2:15 p.m. and Perry begins to tend to the middle school sports. On a normal day, rush hour begins around 3:15 as volleyball players, cross country runners, and football players all come in need of Perry’s care before practice starts. She wraps, heats, creates rehabilitation exercises and cares for all injuries within thirty minutes of practice starting. She is also in charge of filling waters for the football players and getting the AED and other equipment ready for any emergency use. After what appears to be a full afternoon, Perry proceeds to the football field to watch and make sure no injuries occur while practicing.

On game days, Perry begins preparation immediately after lunch at 1:15 p.m. She packs everything needed for a major injury. Perry makes sure to be ready for an emergency at all times. She tapes athletes for approximately 30 – 45 minutes, stretches players, and watches the game. Perry said, “I like not being busy during the game it means everyone is healthy and I can just watch.”

I asked Perry what her favorite part of being an athletic trainer was, and she said it was the relationships she had with the players. Perry commented, “Having good relationships with my athletes makes the job easier.” The MCA athletic training room is a place of rehab and treatment, but there is never a dull moment. “I like my job because I don’t do the same thing every day… there is always something new happening.” Our Mustangs are in good hands with Rhyann Perry; she is always ready to help and to care for an athlete in need.