Who Traveled the Furthest From Home?

Summer is the perfect time to travel. Here are some pictures from MCA families’ vacations.

Juliana Roller, Editor-in-Chief

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  • Fourth grader Matina English, kindergartener Patrick English, and their little brother enjoy the fresh morning mountain air in Colorado.

  • Freshman Marshall Stubbs, sophomore Maliq Brock, and junior Jasmine Danielson went on an educational trip to Greece.

    Photo by: courtesy photo

  • Junior Lee Leps took a trip with his Boy Scout Troop 496 to Utah, Colorado, Idaho, and Wyoming for two weeks.

    Photo by: Mike Boese

  • Senior Josh Wong takes a silly pic while visitng Arches National Park with his family.

    Photo by: Liz Wong

  • Every year, math teacher Mary Ann Cheney takes a cruise. This year they made a stop at Princess Cays in the Bahamas.

  • Along with the rest of her family, sophomore Annie Weichel took a nine day trip to Germany.

    Photo by: Lizzie Weichel

  • Senior Christin Nyberg and her parents went to Arizona to visit the Grand Canyon and hike up the rocky trails.

    Photo by: Angela Nyberg

  • Junior Jason Cross took a vacation with his family to Belize.

    Photo by: courtesy photo

  • Sixth grader Isabella Lozano traveled to San Diego, CA and visited the Aerospace Museum in Balboa Park.

    Photo by: Mary Lozano

  • While in Arizona with her boyfriend Zanic before he left for Chicago for Navy training, senior Kristen Daniels went to the Painted Desert.

    Photo by: Ginger Daniels

  • Senior Lauren Shackelford went with her family to Colorado this past June.

  • Kindergarten twins Gariella and Daniella Trujillo took a vacation by the beach.

    Photo by: Julian Trujillo

  • Senior Kara Vita flew up to Colorado in July to spend time with senior Kate Witte at her family’s cabin.

    Photo by: Nancy Fry

  • Posing with his church friend Davis in front of Lake Louise, senior Mason Lee went on a mission trip this summer to Canada.

    Photo by: Kevin Sawyer

  • Spending time with her Papa, fourth grader Aubrey Hagstrom went fishing at Lake Almanor in California.

  • Eighth graders Matthew McDowell and JD Keck traveled to Greece and got a taste of authentic food.

    Photo by: courtesy photo

  • This summer, senior Riley Pyle spent a month with his family in Germany.

  • While vacationing in South Carolina, kindergartener Brynn, second grader Sophie, and fourth grader Carys Mejan enjoyed the beach at Seabrook Island.

    Photo by: Stephanie Mejan

  • A few days before school started back up, Sam Harrell went to visit his brothers during parents’ weekend in Anapolis at the Naval Academy.

    Photo by: Lori Harrell

  • While senior Trey Faulkner spent his vacation in Colorado, he took a day trip out with friends to the lake nearby.

    Photo by: Logan Jones