Loco for Hoco

Homecoming festivities such as Hoco-Proposals are here.


Photo by: Trey Faulkner

Sophomore Hayden Faulkner asked Emma Demagged one afternoon before going to the movies.

Annie Weichel, staff writer

September is here which means homecoming is right around the corner. Many students have started asking other students to be their date to the dance. The boys ask the girls using colorful signs and usually a present like flowers or candy. Here are a few examples of what the proposals look like so far.

Junior Seth Pugh surprised Meg Boone before lunch one day.
Sophomore Hayden Faulkner asked Emma DeMaagd one afternoon before going to the movies.
Senior Caleb Doyle surprised Kara Vita late one night at her house.
Junior Sam Harrell asked Katherine Hines before lunch one school day.
Caleb Bryant surprised Lauren Jones one day after school.
Sophomore Asa Miller asked Trinity Souther on Friday afternoon before the football game.
Lee Leps asked Jolie Clow during zero hour one morning.
Freshman Ryan Rodgers asked Karissa Harrison early one morning at school.
Freshman Adam Gerdes surprised Madi Clark one morning after Art class.
Junior Will Boese asked Sophomore Sofia Starne one afternoon at her house after school.
Freshman Madi Cheatham and Conrad Souther
Senior Sam Utzig surprised Junior Waverly Frisbee late one night at her house.
Freshman Trinton Nobles asked Campbell May before school on Friday.
Sophomore Jacob Finke asked Ava Grace after her volleyball game.
Sophomore Peter Clark surprised Annie Weichel after Chemistry class one morning.
Senior Rex Collins asked Junior Mer Pogue after a Friday night home football game.