Love Gifts

What the PTF does with the money from fundraisers and the spirit shop.


Photo by: Connie Gibson

PTF Board Members from left to right: Erin Martin (President), Angelique Kuykendall (Vice President), Tyra Free (Secretary), Brianna Hoffschwelle (Treasurer)

Samantha Youngblood, staff writer

Have you ever thought about where the money from the resale shop or PTF fundraisers goes to? A portion of the money goes towards “Love Gifts”. The money is divided and given to the Lower, Middle, and Upper School to put towards whatever they would like or whatever is needed. The division is based off of each school’s enrollment from that year. Money is also given to Directed Studies and the Brick by Brick Capital Campaign. For the 2016-2017 Love Gifts,  $4,037.93 was given to the Upper School, $2,684.60 was given to the Middle School, $3,927.47 was given to the Lower School, and $500 was given to the Directed Studies. The Upper School used their Love Gift to purchase the table outside of the upper school, new books, online training for the staff, and a new speaker system. The Middle School purchased new science supplies, supplies for academic competitions, and expenses for principal conferences. The Lower School purchased new tables and bookcases for Pre-K, chapel music, and playground balls with their love gift. These funds also go towards a Back to School Breakfast, gifts for the faculty, a staff Christmas luncheon, and several other events. Each Love Gift given to each school is a blessing.