Donuts with Dads Day

Dads and Donuts Day.


Photo by: Amanda Wilkerson

Pre-k students enjoy donuts with their dads.

Madi Cheatham, Staff Writer

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  • Harper and Mr. Conkle

  • Abby and Mr. Dean

  • Cohen and Mr. Holley

  • Halle and Mr. Lough

  • Ainsley and Mr. Miller

  • Deacon and Mr. Weisgerber

  • Griffin and Mr. Wilkerson

  • Jaxen and Mr. Judah

  • Blake Allen and Mr. Cheatham

The Pre-K class held their annual Dads and Donuts Day on Thursday September 27. Spending their time with their dads, they enjoyed some delicious donuts, orange juice, and coffee. Before Dads and Donuts Day, each of the students made their dads a colorful “My Dad is My Hero” tie that says on the inside what they love about them. As the dads walked through the door, the students presented their gifts. The dads wore them until they went home. Pre-K teacher, Mrs, Wilkerson said, “We mainly do it for the dads and the students just to let them be together as a group. Making relationships with the parents and students is also very important to us.” The students loved the day and enjoyed spending it with their dads. At the end of the get together, they all cleaned up, drank their last sip of orange juice and said their goodbyes as they headed back to their classes.