Art Mezzanine

The art program built a new mezzanine to help with storage.


Photo by: Elizabeth Etheredge

The new art mezzanine is finished being built.

Emma Bryant, Entertainment Editor

The McKinney Christian art program is composed of many talented young artists. However, it can be hard to store all the art materials and projects that grades 7th through 12th grade creates. The new edition of the mezzanine helps with this storage problem. A mezzanine is a raised platform between two stories with stairs, which essentially gives a second floor to the art room. It is made of steel and takes up about a fifth of the room. Hired hands built the mezzanine about two weeks ago. It was part of the original plan for the art room. The mezzanine is used for storage of supplies and materials, as well as work space for portfolio art students. It frees up the space around the tables used daily. The mezzanine also provides a new space for art critiques and discussions. Art teacher Mrs. Sickles said, “Students continue to try newer and bigger artworks which require more space to create and display. The MCA art program did very well in competition last year and hope to continue the tradition this year as we move into 5A TAPPS and ACSI Festival.” The newly built mezzanine has proven to be beneficial in storing the student’s art projects, while still leaving plenty of room to work.