Unsung Heroes of MCA

MCA maintenance workers keep the school running smoothly and efficiently.


Waverly Frisbie, Staff Writer

We don’t realize how much MCA’s facility and maintenance workers do for us every day. Not only do they sacrifice so much of their time to help keep our school clean, but they are also constantly striving to keep everything up and running smoothly. They work hard for our school and always have the most Godly attitudes. The staff of five work their hardest for nine and a half hours every day and still maintain happy hearts.

Janie Cruz, a facilities worker, has been a janitor for three years and has been working at MCA for two years. Every morning, she opens the doors of MCA at 6:30 am. Each Monday and Friday, she starts off her day by setting up 270 chairs for chapel, aligning each one perfectly. After putting away each chair after chapel ends, she sweeps and mops the entire gym floor. She then sweeps the lower school deck, the upper school, and the middle school quad. Before lunch, she sets up the lunch tables and prepares the area for the students. After lunch is over, she cleans messes and spills. She also takes the trash out of each classroom and makes sure that everything looks nice. Cruz’s entire day at MCA is hard work and she still loves her job very much saying, “I love my job! I love getting to know the children more each day.”

Nicolas Cruz, a maintenance worker, has been working in maintenance for 35 years and has been at MCA for 5 years. Janie Cruz is his wife and they enjoy working together each and every day. He arrives at work at 6:30 and spends his day doing the same kinds of hard work that his wife also does. During winter months, he puts salt on all of the walkways to ensure that it isn’t slippery and that it’s safe for everyone. He fixes anything that breaks like the plumbing and lighting. Nicolas Cruz loves how the students are always thankful and kind. He says that the encouragement from the kids makes him love his job even more, and says, “My goal is to be a model for the younger kids to see.”

Guadalupe Sanchez, the director of MCA’s facility workers, gives insight on the married couple and how they work together. Sanchez has known the couple for a year now and loves working with them. He talked about how important it is and how difficult it is to always wake up with a positive attitude. Sanchez said, “Only a few people can wake up early in the morning every and have a happy heart.” He just loved how they always have happy hearts and work so perfectly together. It can be difficult for a married couple to work every day together, but they love each other and enjoy being together throughout the day.

These are just a couple of MCA’s unsung heroes. There are many more that are working hard each and every day at MCA to make this school clean, efficient, and running smoothly for staff, students and for the Lord. These great people are always striving to make this school a better place. Their warm smiles will brighten your day and their hard work is incredible. McKinney Christian Academy is so blessed to have such incredible maintenance workers that work their hardest to make this school a better place.

1 Thessalonians 5:12 says, “Now we ask you, brothers and sisters, to acknowledge those who work hard among you, who care for you in the Lord and who admonish you.”

Janie Cruz, poses for a picture in the SLC after setting up the chairs for chapel.