Is Pokémon GO Making a Comeback?

The game Pokémon Go has recently made a comeback at MCA.

Sam Harrell, editor

The game Pokémon GO is well known to many because of the way the game took off in 2016. Pokémon GO is a game created by Niantic, the game consists of catching and battling your pokémon. Pokémon Go is a mobile game, to catch pokémon you have to walk around areas that pokémon inhibit. The game is user friendly and pokémon are found around areas that they associate with, for example a water pokémon would normally be found by the water. Pokémon Go was a sensation when it first came out but the sensation died soon after. Pokémon Go has recently been making a comeback at MCA though. Friends have united in the mission of catching pokémon and the phrase “gotta catch ’em all” has been represented. Junior Caleb Bryant said “Honestly, there is now a better sensation than catching a rhydon with the combat power of 2260. I am glad I redownloaded Pokémon Go, no matter what others say. My friends and I have been united in this mission, “gotta catch ’em all pokémon”. Pokémon Go has brought many friends together in times of recent and it has been used as a way of leisure and bonding. As of now, the pokémon are still out there and many journeys lay ahead, “gotta catch ’em all”.

Photo by: Caleb Bryant