Photo by: courtesy photo

Middle School students eagerly watch and engage during the event held at SMU.

Edna Pajela, courtesy writer

MCA Middle School students attended the 10th Annual TEDxKids@SMU last October 19. Eighteen of our 7th and 8th graders were part of the almost 1,000 people at the event. Our MS participants submitted an application in addition to an essay or artwork depicting their future dreams to participate. In addition, Upper School students, senior Scout Mayberry and sophomore Maliq Brock were chosen to host teams of 10 students. Teacher Edna Pajela and librarian Karen Chastain served as chaperones.

Our MCA attendees all agreed that the morning sessions were more meaningful to them. Favorite speakers included Jason Rodriguez, Asst. Chief of Police Dallas Schools Police Department; Dr. Hudson, SMU Psychology professor; and Melanie Calzada, Senior Consultant for Cognizant Consulting and SMU MBA Alum. However, the big favorite for our MCA students was the presentation of Greg Harper, president of Harpervision Associates, who demonstrated the current tech gadgets and cool “must have’s.”

This is the first time MCA was invited to attend this event. We look forward to bringing another group next year.