Unusual Pets at MCA


Photo by: Samantha Youngblood

Young Sailor Girl, Samantha’s favorite longhorn and birthday buddy on 18:33.

Elizabeth Etheredge, Staff Writer

Freshman, Samantha Youngblood, has 16 longhorns. They live on a ranch in Olney, TX. The longhorns are ranging in age from newborn to 10 years old. The longhorns aren’t just animals to Samantha, they’re family. Youngblood likes to feed them, pet them, and hangout with them wherever they bed down. Youngblood says, “In the future, I would like to show them during Longhorn Weekend at the Stock Show and Rodeo. The Youngbloods named most of the longhorns after Texas figures or things. For example, Lady Bird after the former first lady, Brazos Beauty after the Brazos River that runs through the ranch, and Mirabeau after Mirabeau Lamar. Youngblood even shares a birthday with one, Sailor Girl, which so happens to be her favorite. Sadly, the Youngbloods are going to have to get rid of Sailor Girl in December, Youngblood said, “My parents don’t like her because she’s a little bit of a sassy diva, but she has a sweet heart and I’m going to miss her so much.” The Youngblood’s also have a turtle, Tex. They let him roam around in the house sometimes. Youngblood and her mom lose him a lot in the house, but they always end up finding him in weird places. The weirdest place he has been was between the wall and table. “He is supposed to live a very long time, which scares us…” Youngblood said.