Fall Trend Outfits

Samantha Youngblood, staff writer


To dress up any outfit, booties are the way to go. Short or tall, booties are one of the top fall trends. Pair some short booties with a mini skirt or some ankle-cut jeans. Put some knee high boots with distressed jeans and thigh-high boots with a denim skirt.







When we think of velvet, we think of fancy things. But things are different this Fall. Anything can be made of velvet. Pants, tops, shoes, even accessory. Velvet is the perfect way to dress up an outfit.  






Oversized Sweaters

Being comfy but cute is not an issue this Fall. Oversized, chunky, fuzzy sweaters are the trend. Throw it over a casual outfit and sport a cute, but comfy look.






For years, plaid has been a popular fall trend, but each year it takes a new form. Any article of clothing can be plaid. The classic pattern provides color for any outfit. Flannels are not the only plaid item to wear, plaid scarves, large jackets, flowy dresses, and pleated pants are also popular. By wearing plaid in a new way this Fall  you are not only making a statement, but bringing back a classic pattern.