Rotary Club Honorees


Photo by: Laura Smith

Seniors Syler Gabel and Elyse Mead pose by the Rotary Club’s banner after being awarded the honor of students of the month.

Juliana Roller, Editor-in-chief

Every year two senior MCA students, one male and one female, are honored as students of the month at McKinney’s Rotary Club. The Rotary Club chooses from a group of students who have submitted an application or elected by a teacher and best represent service, fellowship, diversity, integrity, and leadership. This year the two honorees were seniors Elyse Mead and Syler Gabel. On Friday November 30, the two joined the Rotary Club along with two other senior students from McKinney North High School for a buffet-style luncheon at Rick’s Chophouse on the square in Downtown McKinney. Here, they were awarded a medal to represent their accomplishment of achieving this award.